MMP wants to connect to young Portuguese seafarers graduated from the Portuguese training centres to the global universe of shipping, promoting employability. 


Supporting Portugal’s maritime competence

Supporting the Portuguese education program is the aim of the close dialogue between the ENIDH and MARÍTIMOS. 


ENIDH appreciates the network of interested shipping companies that MARÍTIMOS is providing towards young Portuguese seafarers, 

while MARÍTIMOS enjoys the maritime expertise and the support of the ENIDH in practical matters, as for the ERASMUS + Program. 


MARÍTIMOS creates the link between shipping companies and students of the ENIDH. The MARÍTIMOS management considers this being an important part of their dedication to the project and to demonstrate the value in the Portuguese maritime competence. 


Meanwhile several international shipping companies have expressed interest in employing Portuguese graduates of the ENIDH as nautical and technical officers on board of their Portuguese flagged merchant ships. 


For more information, please contact us or visit the website of ENIDH:


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